Salt Lake City, a few things come to mind when you think of this pristine land of natural wonders. One of which is Mormons, then you might think mountains, and bison. What you probably don’t think of is this being a major player in regards to the great tech migration away from the Silicon Valley that has been taking place over the past few years. The reason for the migration is general is not one singular thing, but we can safely think that there are reasons such as over population and insanely high prices, but no matter the reason tech giants have been picking up and moving shop to places such as Seattle, Portland, Austin, Los Angeles, and Boston to name a few. With this list a few things come to mind one of which is liberalism, as well as a generally pleasant and young forward thinking population. That being said you wouldn’t probably lump Salt Lake into that mix, because they are most certainly not forward thinking and is a pretty tough place to have any liberal ideologies or thoughts, which is what drives and attracts much of the tech talent. That is what this all comes down to is the reality that more so than anything what makes tech what it is and the relative success or failure of any company is the reality that it is the people who make it what it is. When we look at the demographics of the tech industry and the areas they normally set up shop we can see that Salt Lake doesn’t fit the mold. If we look at the reality of how hard and how high in demand these individuals are we see that even the CIA and NSA had to get rid of some of their most fundamental hiring practices in order to ensure they could recruit the top tech talent. For instance and the most glaring was the fact that they stopped making drug testing a determining field when it came to the hiring process. Essentially they were saying that they could not find a programmer worth shaking a stick at who didn’t like to puff the chiba or rack a line from time to time. That said people are still pouring lots of money into making Salt Lake the home of their new business given their good tax code and corporate incentives. ┬áIt all looks good on paper but the reality remains that even something that unites most techies in their love of over prices pretentious craft beer, they can’t even get in Salt Lake Considering they have laws on the books that keep you from having a beer over 3.2% alcohol for macro brews, and 4.0% for micro brews. this is nothing and is not really conducive to the culture that exists today. One insider Ben Dang says that, “its not surprising to see startup formation in Utah, There’s a natural progression that’s been happening over the last 10 to 15 years.” That may be the case but it hasn’t moved fast enough to catch up with what the internet age wants out of a home.