When I was a child I received my first game-boy color and though this was the height of technology in gaming and personal computing there could be. Today, every phone in our pockets less than 20 years later has thousands of times the computing power in a fraction of the space. This is a trend that is sweeping its way across every computing platform and gives us a glimpse into what the future may hold. The problem is that Moores law is beginning to loose its logical grounding in terms of physical capabilities and leads us to reconsider what can be done next. The reason being is that there is no more space really for things to go in terms of size reduction. Because of this companies are thinking of ways of going further down the rabbit hole of this relatively new technology and are beginning to find alternative means and materials outside of their traditional applications to achieve this end.

A way this is being seen most divergent is through the initial tests of storing things on our very DNA and cells. “This seems right out of science fiction, but it is closer than we think.” says futurist Marcus DanPort. He goes on to point out that this is only the beginning. The reason being that we are closely approaching the big shift that is quantum computing. The way this is also a burgeoning field that is closer than we may think. We are on a break through moment that going to change the way we live more fundamentally than at any other point in human history. So the questions of ethics and our responsibilities are in this regard should be considered soon rather than later.


Another field bound to to change big time in the next few years is going to be the infrastructure of travel and human transportation and shipping. This could be aided with innovations as broad as hyperlink technologies, all the way to integrated network of synergistic autonomous individual commuter vehicles. This is going to be a pretty confusing an rad time to be a developer, but what are the people suppose to do when all the tasks are done. Although we are striving towards a general and constant ease, but is that really something that is in line with achieving the heights on human ideals. At a certain point should we consider the fact that these things are what defines the purposeful life, and in the absence of them we find that we see the purposeless life.

The rise of tech is also affecting our very notions of security and what it means to be safe anymore. We are in a time where we know someone or who have had our own identity stolen on the internet. considering myself it has been twice. This is going to be a trend that is only going to get more frequent, and has large implications in regards to the future of finance and how money moves and the valuations we give to things. As it stands now, something has got to give.